Getting Your Day Started Right: Advice From the Wildly Successful

morning-routine-james-alexander-michieTop 10 lists can be annoying, especially those around success. Sometimes these lists feel like promote negative self-image by highlighting multiple things we aren’t doing; therefore, reinforcing that we’re not worthy of success.

Nevertheless, I came across a top 10 list on successful people that resonated with me, and I think it could resonate with you.

What stands out is the simplicity of some of the examples. These are easy to incorporate into daily life. For example, starting your day with exercise, hydration, and intention. Many of us jump out of bed and move immediately to a device. Let’s just say, that’s not the best decision for firing up the brain and energizing the body.

Which of these ten stand out for you?

10 Morning Routines of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

Image credit: Valentina Spinedi

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