James Alexander Michie Takes David Baines To Task Over Another Misleading Article

James Alexander Michie was the focus of several misleading articles written by David Baines. Recently, Michie set up TwistedTruth, a new digital project, to clear the air on the fictitious allegations that have been levied at him.

His latest piece covers an article in Stockwatch where Baines reported James Alexander Michie was closely associated with Erwin Speckert. Speckert was arrested and convicted of money laundering in 2011.

In his blog, Michie explains:

In 2005 and early 2006, Speckert was employed by a company in Switzerland where I was a board member. After Speckert misappropriated 400,000 Swiss Francs of the company’s funds for his own use, he was terminated for cause with immediate effect by the board.

There was no relationship beyond that point.

Read the full story here: http://jamesalexandermichie.com/journalist-david-baines-misportrays-james-alexander-michie/

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