The home players are not just that and deserve to be recognized | HuffPost

Author: James Alexander Michie

It is known that hockey at home is the lowest level of youth hockey a child can play. In fact, traditionally it is less competitive, cheaper and equally less demanding with respect to its schedule, than its great “most popular”, the “travel hockey”.

In general, children start to play what is known as “home” and then move on to travel, but not in all cases, since some do not. No doubt it is understood that there are some players do not leave home because their skills and skills on the ice do not develop what is necessary to achieve play in travel, despite this is not very usual.

Many of the players who keep playing at home are due to their families, there is no doubt that those players are good enough and that they also stand out while being able to travel, despite this the trips are not suitable for the families of those young people, that is due to various reasons which do not allow them to leave home.

It is not a novelty that for reasons unrelated to the performance of young people on the ice they do not advance to travel, sometimes it is because for some families travel hockey is not a financial option because it should be noted that the same has higher costs, being that usually, the level of costs is greater by one or two thousand dollars more. In some cases, there are parents who have other children with special needs which of course carry financial and time demand.

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