George Soros demonstrates concern about the actions of Donald Trump | Your News Wire

Author: James Alexander Michie

George Soros is a Hungarian – American investor, business tycoon, philanthropist, political activist, and author. He is one of the most successful investors in the world. As of February 2018, it had a net worth of $ 8 billion, after donating $ 18 billion to its philanthropic agency, Open Society Foundations.

Soros has been both alarmed and frustrated by all the actions taken by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, since according to his point of view, Trump has taken great speed to almost destroy and undoubtedly dismantle the New World Order. Likewise, for the billionaire without a doubt, he had not foreseen Trump’s meteoric rise to power.

In the same way, for Soros, Trump is willing to destroy the world, therefore he will give all his effort committing to redouble them in order to invest millions of dollars against everything that is directly involved with Trump and everything he does. It represents.

The multimillionaire has shown a somewhat pessimistic attitude and full of sadness and is valid because it seems due to everything that has happened around Donald Trump, it has been faced with dismantling the liberal-globalist world order that should be highlighted been built for decades by Soros who has worked hard to achieve the same. Trump has supported and argued in morals, ethics and in the same way the Christian values of American society, of which Soros is alien since he is an atheist.

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