The Myth of Influence

Influence is the quality that gives the ability to exercise a certain control overpower by someone or something. The influence of society can contribute to the development of intelligence, affectivity, assertiveness, behavior and, in a general sense, the formation of personality. When a person has lived in society and, for extreme reasons, is deprived of relationships with others, having to live totally isolated, he immediately begins to organize his life following the patterns that the society in which he lived taught him.

Certainly, society requires the collaboration of all its members through a variety of jobs that make social development possible.

The influence could be taken into account as part of the definition of leadership. And considering that, it is clear that if you have the ability to influence others, then you have the ability to lead.

Ken Blanchard, the renowned American leadership expert and author of “The One Minute Manager” says that “The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority”.

A true myth

It should be noted that experienced leaders know that whatever influence they have comes from those who are not what they are. They know that their title or position does not provide lasting influence. People with little or no leadership experience tend to overestimate the importance of a title that sounds important when it comes to influencing.

And it is that there are many people with little or no experience in leadership who assume that, if they had a title or a leadership position, they would also have influence. And the truth is that that is a myth.

There is no doubt that the influence must be earned and a position simply gives you the opportunity to do so. A position or degree gives you the opportunity to earn the respect required to have a lasting influence. It certainly gives a little time to show that you deserve to be reliable, but at that moment you will gain your level of influence, whatever the level that results.

Good leaders gain influence beyond their declared position. They quickly learn that a position does not make a leader, but a leader can take a position.

Influence is an exceptional asset in the workplace and in life. It is mandatory if you are going to lead others. If your goal is to be an Authentic Leader, then don’t look for a position of influence, try to be a person of influence.

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