Robert Lyman: No, Mr. O’Toole, the climate debate isn’t over

What the Conservative leader said — and what it meant

The speech Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole gave to the party policy conference was filled with thematic messages, the main one being that the party needed to change if it were to appeal more to voters in central Canada. On the topic of climate-change policy, the average Canadian, unfamiliar with the nuances of the issues, might easily have listened with a general feeling of reassurance. «Conservatives will have a comprehensive and serious environmental plan.» The need for a plan derives from the commitment Canada made at the 2015 Paris Conference on climate change. That conference did not agree on specific emission reduction targets and so allowed instead that countries would submit voluntary plans every five years indicating what they intended to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Erin O’Toole’s past comments, while vague, appear to have accepted this goal.

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Source: Robert Lyman | Financial Post

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