GUNTER: Trudeau’s vaccine blunders is why Canada may have a third wave

Even the EU, whose vaccine rollout has been a mess, is at 15% vaccinated. The Brits will hit 50% this weekend and the Americans are at 40% — four times our rate. And when you look at the all-important double-dosers , the Americans are at 14% to Canada’s tiny 1.6%. The Americans have double-dosed nearly nine times as many people, per capita.

And even our current, pathetic efforts could be further jeopardized if India and the EU carry out threatened export bans on vaccine to other countries, including Canada. You may read or hear news stories about how Canada will receive 400,000 or 600,000 doses in the coming week. Canada’s rollout is behind Malta, Serbia, Hungary, Morocco, Estonia, Turkey, the Cayman Islands, Monaco, Chile, Estonia and Lithuania, among others. We are even behind Angola, one of the world’s poorest countries.

Angola ranked 148th in the world on the U. Yet they’ve done a better job getting their hands on vaccine than have Trudeau’s Liberals.

Because Europe, like Canada, delayed ordering vials from reputable Western pharmaceutical companies for three or more months while its governments debated whether public vaccine development was morally superior to private. In Canada, of course, the problems were Trudeau’s overcommitment to Chinese vaccines that never materialized and his government’s refusal to fund private vaccine production in Canada.

The Trudeau government’s failure on the vaccine file is why Canadians are facing a third wave — and a third round of lockdowns.

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Source: Lorne Gunter | Calgary Sun

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