Lincoln Isn’t Evil. Neither Is the West. Stand Up to the Woke Lies.

I do not take those things for granted. I know very well that in many other places the answers would be different, and my life wouldn’t be possible at all. America is imperfect. America is fast developing its own informal social credit system, as the writer Rod Dreher has noted, in which people with the wrong politics or online persona are banned from social-media sites and online financial networks.

When everything is recorded for eternity, when making mistakes and taking risks are transformed into capital offenses, when things that were common sense until two seconds ago become unsayable, people make the understandable decision to simply shut up. That America is evil. Social conservatives.

Start with the following 10 principles

To your principles. If you are a decent person, you know mob justice is never just. If you are a decent person, you know betraying friends is wrong. Really hard.

To the extent that you can build your life to be self-reliant and not 100 percent reliant on the Web, it’s a good thing. Professional prestige is not essential. Being popular is not essential. Getting your child into an elite preschool is not essential.

Doing the right thing is essential. Telling the truth is essential. Protecting your kids is essential. Like-minded friends.

Your capital to build original, interesting and generative things right now. You have the ability to build new things. If you don’t have the financial capital, you have the social or political capital.

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Source: Bari Weiss

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