Kelly McParland: Time to grow some backbone Canadians

Has the bumbling government response to the pandemic not convinced you that you have to start taking care of yourself and your loved ones?

Her daughter drove her to the designated spot, which was deserted. To get her shot, the daughter would have to drive her mom to the second address. The mom, in her 90s, seemed a bit perplexed but said she was happy she had her daughter to sort things out. The daughter was furious.

Canadians now accept their dependence on government utterly

If life isn’t as we want, it’s the government’s responsibility. On the same day as the address kerfuffle, Canada’s Supreme Court was preparing to hear the case of a British Columbia woman who was injured after trying to cross a snow pile left when the road was cleared. She blamed the local government for not ensuring snow-plowers left openings. It’s hard not to wonder how today’s Canadians would have fared if faced with bigger challenges.

When Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government brought down a budget promising unprecedented levels of spending, it was immediately attacked from all sides.

Source: Kelly McParland | NP

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