BRAUN: Ontario nurses claim they have been muzzled by college

College of Nurses of Ontario allegedly threatening to yank license of nurses who don’t stick to the COVID script

A group of nurses held a demonstration Wednesday outside of the College of Nurses of Ontario building in midtown Toronto. According to RN Jessica Faraone, the objective was to show how some nurses feel they are being censored by the college for going public with their ideas about COVID. In an earlier statement, Faraone said the college was threatening to take away the nurses’ licenses «if we don’t stick to the COVID script and promote this experimental injection». The group was largely without masks and their message is not aligned with that of public health.

Faraone came to public attention last month after she arrived at Pearson from a stint in Africa and refused to go to one of the government-approved COVID hotels. She then posted the experience on social media. Her being investigated by the college, said Faraone, «is based on social media. » The CNO has confirmed the college is investigating Faraone but cannot say more as the complaint process is confidential.

Faraone said she has joined a group called Canadian Frontline Nurses and is involved with other nurses who have also run afoul of the college. Kristen Nagle and Sarah Choujounian were in the news for making unsubstantiated statements on social media about the pandemic. Kristal Pitter is a nurse practitioner who used social media to spread anti-vaccine messages and conspiracy theories about the origin of the pandemic. Faraone said the nurses have launched a class-action lawsuit against the college.

«We are speaking our truth on what’s going on in health care. They are basically saying, ‘you have to support public health protocols’, but public health protocols are not making sense,» she said. «They are causing more harm than COVID is». «The technology for mRNA vaccines is new.

It’s gene therapy and it’s experimental,» Faraone added. «We know these vaccines are not experimental but are actually saving lives».

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Source: Liz Braun 

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