Half the World Faces Starvation Under Net Zero Policies, Say Two Top Climate Scientists

This article from two top American climate scientists highlights the potentially disastrous consequences of Net Zero policies banning the production of nitrogen fertiliser derived from fossil fuels. They conclude that these policies could lead to “worldwide starvation” for billions of people around the world, as crop yields sharply decrease. The authors also criticize the false notion of more frequent high temperatures in the US and the alarming conclusions based on the “unusual ratio” of record highs to lows presented in the US Government’s Fourth Climate Science Special Report. They argue that the UN’s IPCC process of compiling reports is governed by two rules that override any inconsistent conclusions scientists write for IPCC reports, and that the legitimacy of scientific content should be determined by the scientific method.

Read the original article.

Source: Chris Morrison | The Dialy Sceptic


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