Is it Risk or Uncertainty?

It is not a novelty that the stock market of the United States has been consumed. Both by volatility and by a downward current during the last months. It could be very unpleasant that this inconvenience is for investors, it is good not to be in the business of financial means when events of this […]

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Electric Vehicles through time

An electric vehicle is a vehicle powered by one or more electric motors. The traction can be provided by wheels or propellers driven by rotary motors, or in other cases use other types of non-rotating motors, such as linear motors, inertial motors, or applications of magnetism as a source of propulsion. It is already well […]

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This Bottle of Pills Costs $20 in One State and $130 in Another | Bloomberg

The same medication can have different prices in different states. An example of this is the generic versions of the medicine for heartburn Nexium. These should be cheap throughout the United States. Many manufacturers sell it. Wholesalers can buy pills for one month for less than $ 20. While in several states, Medicaid plans that […]

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What Canada should do

Canada must start competing. And is that all countries strive to improve their lot. The Canadians do it too. However, it is quite worrying that despite this, a particularly bright job is not being done. For some columnists, it is really bad to have to open the New Year in these pages with a less […]

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