Hockey supremacy back in Canada

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Canada’s Games were always about Canada’s game. In a country where hockey defines its national identity, the 14th and record-breaking gold medal of the 2010 Winter Olympics was the one that really allowed the party to start. It also allowed the country to exhale. “Being in Canada, that’s an opportunity of […]

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The Money Pit: Why ‘professionalization’ of youth sports is worrisome

The same science of sport that has allowed innumerable records to fall and the superhuman to become routine has also created a Frankenstein. The knowledge provided by these sciences has spawned entire industries, employing practitioners who charge monster fees. But without that specific coaching, the nutrition training, the strength training and medical support, breaking through […]

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Requiem for a middleweight

He snores when he sleeps on his back. His wife isn’t thrilled with the rumbling, he jokes. But he can’t do much about it even when she gives him a poke to roll over. The lingering effects of numerous shoulder injuries and four surgeries to put things back together in those joints have made it […]

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